May was a hard month! All of this traveling Lance does for work is getting really hard for all of us. He did take a week off this month and work from Provo, which was so nice. Also, we had sick kids (and mom) for almost the whole month so it hasn't been fun.
We did have some fun things happen this month. We tried to fit in a lot of fun things over the week that dad was home. We went to the BYU Space fair and spent a lot of time outside with dad. We celebrated Mothers Day with all of the families and got to talk to Uncle Landon on his mission. We celebrated Memorial Day with a family BBQ, plus some swimming for Robby and dad at Riverside. Hannah's eyes were so sore from her infection that we stayed home. We got to go have dinner with the Duncans and meet their new baby, Cora. Dad and the kids went to Grantsville and had a blast with cousins. We had a few get-togethers with the Parkers for parties during May. We always love spending time with them.
Robby started baseball this month and he also got his first award for scouts! He earned his Bobcat award and we started going to Pack Meeting as a family. He graduated from first grade and is super excited for a Summer break.
Hannah has been sick most of the month but she got to finish her preschool year and go to the fun Circus Day at school. She loves playing with friends as much as she can and she always wants to be outside.
Sadie has had a rough month with another UTI and a VCUG test at the hospital. It was horrible and she had to suffer through an hour of pain. Plus they didn't do a great job on the test and we aren't sure if the results are correct or not. As of now we are hoping that they are and that she doesn't have kidney reflux.
Dad has been traveling every week and then coming home on the weekends to do house projects and spend time with the kids. Needless to say, he is exhausted. He works so hard.
I have been going to barre almost every day and trying to get together with friends for playdates. We have spent lots of time with the Smiths and also gotten together with Sheena, Marianne, and Kenzi and their kids. I had a girls night here one night and it was tons of fun. We had a cookie party with several of the girls from our ward. I spend what free time I have (without a baby in my arms) reading, sewing, and trying to get the house organized and decorated.
Although it has been a hard month, we are so excited for Summertime freedom and looking forward to having dad home, hopefully within the next month or two. We miss him so much.