April was a fun month! Other than dad still traveling every week for work, it was great. We went to lots of parks and spent lots of time with our little friends. Conference weekend was great because we got to just sit and enjoy our little family. We went on walks between sessions and had brunch at our neighbors house (the Nixons) with some friends. It was low-key and pretty relaxing. 
Spring Break was a lot of fun. Dad was out of town so we just did our own thing and tried to fill our days with fun activities and lots of free playtime. Robby was in heaven having so much time off of school. I think it's still hard for him to be gone all day. We went to the aquarium, park, Provo Beach, and Hee Haw Farms with the Smiths. We also spent lots of time just playing at home and relaxing without a schedule. 
Hannah finished her swim lessons this month and did awesome. She got to go on a fun date with dad one weekend and spent a lot of time outside singing Moana really loudly. Robby got to go golfing with Grandpa Larry, to a party for his friend Cody Duncan, and he got to do the Pinewood Derby for scouts. Lance traveled weekly and we missed him every single day. It's been so hard to only get our weekends together.
Some other fun things we did on the weekends include swimming, dates for mom and dad, going to fun parks, going on a few walks, etc. We had a fun birthday dinner for Grandma Diane and invited Uncle Brad to join all of us.  Mom and dad got to go to the temple while Grandma Laura babysat. Mostly we have been spending our extra time trying to get settled and do some of our many house projects that need to be done. It's hard to balance all that needs to be done with trying to have fun with the kids.
Some hard things about this month (besides Lance being gone) are Sadie getting her 2nd UTI (and having to do instacare), and all of us being a little bit sick at one point during April. We just had colds and little stomach bugs (nothing too awful), but it's always so hard to be sick.