Sadie 6 Months

We love our Sadie girl! She is so fun and sweet, none of us can get enough of this snuggie. She is a big chubby girl and we just squeeze and kiss her all day. She's 18.4 lbs (86%), 26.4 inches (72%) and her head is in the 91st percentile. We love our big chunky girl.
Sadie says da-da and he is her favorite person. She started to roll back onto her back from her tummy, so she'll be up and moving in no time. We have started to try baby foods but she doesn't get the swallowing and usually ends up really frustrated and upset. It's okay because she does love her bottle! Even though she spits up a ton, she is still nice and round.
She loves being outside and being carted around with me. She is sometimes okay playing alone on the floor but she gets bugged after a little while and wants to be held. She still naps in her swing and sleeps in the pack-n-play in our room at night. She sleeps great both day and night so we aren't too anxious to change things. Once she can hold her bottle I'm going to make her nap in her crib instead of the swing. We will see how it goes! She is pretty easy-going and happy so hopefully she won't mind too much. Sadie is the happiest, sweetest little girl and we have so much fun with her in our family.


4th of July

We opted for a low-key fourth this year because of a fun (but exhausting) family reunion that ended the night before. Dad went golfing early, so I just let the kids sleep in as long as they wanted to. We missed the parade, but I wasn't planning to go this year by myself with 3 tired kids. It was kind of nice to wake up and stick around our house for the first part of the day. We had a patriotic breakfast and hung out on the deck for awhile. We watched for the jets but didn't see any- luckily Robby saw them flyover his baseball practice a few days earlier. After playing all morning and getting things cleaned up from the craziness of the weekend, we went swimming at Riverside with the Lawrence side. We had lunch and hung out for a couple of hours until Sadie was done being happy. After swimming and rests, we went to my parents and ordered pizza with the Parks and the Baums. We ate and did fireworks, which the kids loved so much. It was a fun day!


Peterson Reunion 2017

We had a fun Peterson family reunion this Summer. We spent the weekend mainly at G&G Peterson's house but we did a lot of fun stuff. We started off with a Friday night BBQ and camping out for dad and kids in Grandma's backyard. Then Saturday morning we had breakfast before everyone left on their hike. Robby had his last baseball game and didn't want to miss it, so we went there instead. Grandpa Don came and cheered him on, too. After the game we took a break to go to Hyrum Baird's baptism and then we had dinner and a party again that night.
On Sunday after church we had a family dinner and Grandpa Don talked a little bit about his side of the family. He talked mostly about his dad and how he was shot during the war. On Monday, we woke up early and had breakfast before our kids games and talent show. It was tons of fun and ended with a crazy water fight. For the talent show, Robby shared his art and Hannah sang Moana with her cousins (at the top of her lungs). After a break for lunch and naps, we met at BYU for family pictures. It was super hot and hard to get people happy and smiling, but that was the one thing mom and dad wanted out of this reunion! We are hoping there is a good shot of everyone. Later, Holly and I did a Mexican themed nacho bar dinner and pinata. The girls even snuck away for a quick sisters gift "party" for about 20 minutes. It was so fun to be all together and the kids are still asking if we can have a reunion almost a month later!



Robby Spring/Summer Baseball

Rob played baseball again this year and he loved it! He is really pretty good, too. He was on his friend Tate's team and his dad was the coach so it was fun for all of us to be at the games with their family. Their team did pretty well and it was so fun to watch him play. I think baseball might be his thing!



June was a hard month but we tried to make the best of it. We are still missing dad while he travels every week for work. We did get him for a week off this month, which was so nice! He called it dad week and did lots of fun stuff with the kids. I've had lots of bad headaches all month and still don't know exactly what's wrong but they think it's Encephalitis. Hopefully they can figure it out soon so I can start to feel better.
Another sad thing this month was the Xtend Barre I went to closed. I tried to fit in lots of classes in May and June but I'm missing it already. I made lots of friends and it really felt good to exercise all the time. I did get to see my friend Marianne a few times this month and it was fun to spend time with her between moves. Most of our playdates were with her and her kids or the Smiths, and Holly and I get along really well. My friend Carrie visited one afternoon and it's always good to see her. I spent an afternoon up at Youth Conference, which was fun. I am still a Laurel advisor and I love working with the YW.
The kids got to go to Tate and Lucy's birthday party and a primary water party. Robby went to his golf camp at Riverside and loved it. He is a good little golfer and has lots of fun. Hannah graduated to her floor bed while we paint her big girl bed. She has stayed in her crib for 4 1/2 years! Another fun thing we got to do was the family art festival at the BYU MOA with Edie and Hayley. It was really cool! Mostly, we spent lots of our time just hanging out at home since I have been sick, but the weekends were fun! We spent our Saturdays at Robby's baseball games and we loved watching him. We were lucky to have extra days with dad this month because the weekends just aren't enough. During dad week, we did a lego convention the aquarium, swimming, Cars 3, an Owlz game and golfing for the boys, etc. We also went on a fun picnic/hike up at South Fork. One of the weeks dad was home he took the kids camping and they had tons of fun.
Father's Day was nice, but busy. We had dinner with Grandpa Larry and dessert with Grandpa Don. Our Georgia cousins were here for most of June so we got to spend a little bit of time with them. Hayley, Kyle, and Edie moved to Provo in June so we are having a fun time with them, too. We spent one  late night with Linda and her kids, too. It was nice to spend so much time with family.